Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday!

Jacob and Jillian are 5!! Wow, I can't believe it, I remember when they were just babies thinking they would NEVER grow up:) Being a mom of twin infants is HARD! I think back and have a hard time remembering much of anything that first year...good thing I kept a journal and took pictures, to help jog my memory! Now they sleep through the night, eat by themselves, are potty trained, go to preschool, ride a two wheeler with out training wheels, can bathe/shower themselves, play outside without constant supervision (I even let them go friends houses by themselves:) Jillian takes ballet and Jacob plays soccer, and the list goes on... As I look over the list I feel a sense of accomplishment! I remember when they were babies wondering what this day would feel like, what their personalities would be, how it would feel to have them so independent. Let me tell you it feels GREAT! Do I miss the days of cuddly babies...yes! Do I miss getting 2-3 hours of sleep total a night..NO! Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change the past five years for anything, everything happened the way it was suppose to...Life is good!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Summer

Haha, I knew this would happen...start a blog then not blog! Maybe now that summer is ending I will have time?
Usually by September I am ready for my favorite time of year...FALL! This year has been such a nice warm, mild summer full of camping, fun on the lake, mulitiple trips to Seven Peaks, and two, yes two kidless trips to Lake Powell. I am not sure I am ready for it to end. Here are some pictures of our summer! St George with the Simon Clan
IHH Heart Camp

Lake Powell with the Simon Brothers
Claire being our little model

Utah Lake with friends

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I guess it is about time!

I know I am way behind, I should have started this blog 5 years ago while on bedrest pregnant with Jacob and Jillian! After they were born time just got away from me...being a new mom to twins, having a baby with a CHD, adding another baby 2 years later, chasing three kids 2 and under, church service..well I am sure you all understand, but Here we are 5 years later...Jacob and Jillian are 4 1/2 and Claire is 2 1/2. happy, healthy and keeping me BUSY! Jillian's heart is hanging in there, her pulmonary valve is leaking severly. We had our 6month cardiology visit a couple weeks ago, her heart is still compensating pretty good so we will wait another 6months or until her body shows signs- such as shortness of breath, turning blue, tiring easy, sleeping more than usual etc.. Dr Everitt estimates she will need her valve replaced with in the next year. This is kind of scary but I am glad to have some sort of time frame to help prepare Jillian and myself:)
I have gotten more involved in Intermountain Healing Hearts, as of January 2011 I am serving a two year term as Secretary on the board of directors. This has been a wonderful experience so far, I have meet so many wonderful people and the other women I work with are amazing! Life is crazy busy but fun!