Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our summer will be ending with...

Open Heart Surgery in 4-6 weeks!

We had Jillian's routine cardiology visit today, the one that doesn't require an MRI just a chest xray, EKG and a quick listen by Dr. Everitt.  At least that is how this appointment has always gone, today we had an unscheduled echo. We found out that her heart is more enlarged with some fluid around her lungs.  She has started to lose weight, which she can't afford to do.  Over half the blood being pumped through her pulmonary valve to her lungs is leaking back through the valve and pooling in her right ventricle causing her heart to work at least twice as hard, in turn burning every calorie she eats which makes it impossible to gain weight and now even causing her to lose!

I always knew it was a matter of "when" not "if" but I still can't believe it is time!  She will spend at least 7 days in the hospital and a full 6 weeks recovering at home (if all goes as planned!)  Which will more than likely mean she will start school a few weeks late, which she is sad about!

I will update when we find out the exact date for surgery.