Friday, January 6, 2012

Cardiac MRI

On Wednesday we had Jillian's 6 month cardiology visit and MRI. These are always stressful days for us. Jillian has to be sedated for the MRI, which means clear liquids and NPO (nothing by mouth). I prepared some jello for her breakfast, thinking she would love it, nope she told me "Mom, I have told you 100 times I DON'T LIKE JELLO" oops, but she was happy with otter pops. She isn't a huge eater so this didn't seem to bother her! Once we arrived at PCMC, her anxiety grew as she knew an IV was coming. They unfortunately had to try 3 times before placing it in her arm instead of hand...poor girl, but she did awesome and of course loved getting 2 prizes for her trouble:)
Jillian hates to sleep and even under sedation tried to wake up during the MRI and had to be given more medication then they thought she would need, after that they thought she would sleep longer after, but NOPE not Jillian. She was awake as soon as them lifted her off the scanner! She did really well with recovery and we were out of there in record time.
Dr Everitt called to today with the official results- Severe Pulmonary Regurgitation, Mild Right Side Enlargement with Normal Heart Function. She said nothing had changed to much since last YEAH! She wants to see us in 6 months before school starts. This was the best report we could have hoped for:)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well, Christmas has come and gone once again, it doesn't seem like a whole year has pasted. We had a great 2011, filled with fund and adventure.

We had a wonderful Christmas. We spent the weekend before with the Brunson's at Grandma and Grandpa's awesome family Christmas party. We ate yummy food, played with cousins, had a visit from Santa, went on a hayride around Fillmore looking at Christmas lights and ended the day with hot cocoa and donuts! I am sure this day is a lot of work for my parents, but am positive the "This is the best day ever" from 20 grandchildren squished around the kitchen table makes it well worth it!

We spent Christmas eve at grandma and grandpa Simon's. We had yummy soup, played with more cousins, sang Christmas songs and put on the Nativity play. Jacob was a Shepard, Jillian the Angel and Claire...well, she wanted to be the lamb but we didn't have a lamb costume, and I couldn't talk her into being a wise man, so in the end she wore the wise man outfit but insisted she was a lamb. You've gotta love the determination of a three year old!

Christmas morning we spent at home opening gifts, where the kids made out like bandits! From electronics, scooters, clothes, and video games. Man, they are spoiled!! We attended church which was such a wonderful way to remember the true meaning of Christmas. I wish every Christmas day fell on Sunday:) After that we spent the evening in West Jordan opening yet more gifts.

The rest of the week was spent playing with new toys, ice skating and fishing on the lake and spending time with family. As I reflect on 2011 I am reminded just how blessed I am. I have a wonderful family, good friends, everyone is healthy, and I live in what I like to think of as a little corner of heaven....Life is good!

On a CHD note, we have Jillian's 6 month cardiology and MRI appointment this coming Wednesday. As usual I am having a bit of anxiety...I always dread the unknown that comes with these visits. I am hoping we get another 3 months, but the dreaded surgery is creeping we shall see?