Thursday, May 19, 2011

I guess it is about time!

I know I am way behind, I should have started this blog 5 years ago while on bedrest pregnant with Jacob and Jillian! After they were born time just got away from me...being a new mom to twins, having a baby with a CHD, adding another baby 2 years later, chasing three kids 2 and under, church service..well I am sure you all understand, but Here we are 5 years later...Jacob and Jillian are 4 1/2 and Claire is 2 1/2. happy, healthy and keeping me BUSY! Jillian's heart is hanging in there, her pulmonary valve is leaking severly. We had our 6month cardiology visit a couple weeks ago, her heart is still compensating pretty good so we will wait another 6months or until her body shows signs- such as shortness of breath, turning blue, tiring easy, sleeping more than usual etc.. Dr Everitt estimates she will need her valve replaced with in the next year. This is kind of scary but I am glad to have some sort of time frame to help prepare Jillian and myself:)
I have gotten more involved in Intermountain Healing Hearts, as of January 2011 I am serving a two year term as Secretary on the board of directors. This has been a wonderful experience so far, I have meet so many wonderful people and the other women I work with are amazing! Life is crazy busy but fun!