Monday, June 10, 2013

Temperature of 107...Yikes

107 degree temperature...never actually seen by the pediatrician! Leave it up to Claire to make it happen. I took her into clinic for what I new was a UTI (I tested her at home) only to get admitted to Timpanogos Hospital with acute pyelonephritis ( a bad kidney infection). Once they decided that her temp truly was that high and she threw up the Mortin they tried to give her, we were asked very nicely to go directly to the hospital! I was told if I promised to go directly there I could drive...Which of course I did.

Dr Edwards thought a couple doses of IV antibiotics and 24 hours later we would be home, well that was 4 days ago....and we are still here. Claire likes to do things her own way and the fever of 105 hung on until last night, the antibiotics they thought would treat the bacteria didn't seem to be working, the urine culture they were counting on giving them the correct medication was in fact not sent to the was found on Sunday on one of the doctors desk, in clinic! The doctor felt soooo bad and I am sure he was dreading telling us. I was frustrated when I found out but have worked in health care enough to know and have made plenty of stupid mistakes that I couldn't be that upset...besides getting mad wouldn't change anything. Her WBC and CRP doubled after 24 hours and continue to be high, though going down slowly. So here we sit, 4 long days confined to a hospital room! She seems to be feeling a little better but now the dilemma is which of the two antibiotics is doing the trick, since we don't have a culture to see what antibiotic this bug is sensitive to they are sort of stuck as of what to do....ultimately we will go home on an oral antibiotic but which one? That is the question! I sure hope they can figure something out because I really don't want to stay here for a full 7 days that it will take to finish a course of IV antibiotics!

Claire has been a trouper but this evening she completely lost it and thew the BIGGEST tantrum I have ever seen...she was kicking and screaming so hard the nurse came in to see if every thing was alright! I don't know how many more days she can take....

I am grateful for all of my friends for taking care of the rest of my family...I am overwhelmed with the amount of help has been offered, simply amazing!

Well, it's getting late and I am sure tomorrow with be another fun filled day, so until then....